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Cane corso as a guard dog

Is Cane Corso a good guard dog?

Widely known for its majestic appearance, Cane Corso dog breed is considered for one of the best guard dogs in the world. They immensely respect their masters and act protectively and loyal towards their family members. However, before deciding on buying this powerful dog, it should be noted that C. Corso requires adequate training. It’s a fact that they’re often chosen because of their imposing appearances, but Corsos are certainly not meant for beginners. 

Training a Corso to be a guard dog brings many challenges since a guard dog is not appropriate for homes where guests often come. They tend to act suspiciously towards strangers. Therefore, your friends might feel uncomfortable in your pet’s vicinity. When we talk bout bringing a Cane Corso guard dog to a family with kids, it can be the right choice only for those who can put him/her in required work. When Corso lives in a family with small children, it needs to be appropriately socialized. To live with an obedient Cane Corso guard dog, you need to start with training from the early puppyhood to get the best results and prevent him from unwanted behavior.

How to live with an obedient Cane Corso guard dog?

Since you certainly don’t want to live with an’ unruly beast’ in your home, interaction with unknown people, dogs, and kids is ’a must.’ By going through a pack leader program, your Corso should know where the limit is. It includes understanding and listening to the owner’s commands and knowing when to back away.

Cane Corso guard dog should not be taught the command ’full-on attack’ in case you live in a large family and like to meet with friends. It doesn’t mean that Cane Corso presents a potential danger to others, but it may act aggressively in case a professional dog coach hasn't performed this training lesson.  Therefore, it’s better to exclude this part of the training to escape any potential dangers.

You’ve probably heard that Cane Corsos are highly territorial. They belong to the breeds with the strongest bite force in the world and have self-assured, determined, and assertive temperaments. Even if we dent to the meaning of their name, the world Corso means guardian in Latin. Since these four-legged friends are extremely intelligent and quickly learn commands, you can be sure that your Cane Corso will be at the highest level of the task!

By having a Cane Corso in your yard, there will be no chances for thieves to break into your property.

Cane Corso guard dog- training tips

To teach a dog to listen to your commands, you should use a good motivational tool. In most cases, it’s the food or your dog’s favorite toy. When we talk about Cane Corso’s reaction to unfamiliar people, it’s important to observe his barking. Does your dog barks just to alert you and to scare the ’potential threat’ to his family? Or is he preparing to attack? These are only some of the facts to envisage. 

In case you don’t know how to recognize your Cane Corso’s body language, it’s advisable to ask a behavioral specialist for advice. Another essential rule to consider is to train a dog to bark on command. You should use a specific word for a command to ward off unknown people. 

It’s also desirable to reward a dog with a treat after he responds to your command with a bark. To teach a CC ’stop command,’ you should determine what word you’ll use for a silence. It can be your own ’special and unique’ word that will be recognizable only to you and your family members.

In order to teach a Cane Corso not to bark to family members, you should allow your dog to start barking and then to say the command to stop. By telling your family member to approach slowly, you should finish the lesson by giving a dog his favorite treat or a toy.

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