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It is because Cane Corso is a large dog who must be especially easy to handle or things can get out of control .

How to keep your Cane Corso on control?

1.Early socialization.Puppies need to be taken out to lear how the world outside their kennel looks like.This must be done after the last set of vaccines.someone thinks even earlier,but then there is danger of infectious desease.

2.Teach bite inhibition.If your Cane Corso grabs you with his teeth while you playing,tell him "no" ,remove your hand and stop playing.The loss of his companion will be punish for him.

3.Leadership.The best way is starting with obedience classes.Positive training with no force is best for your Italian Mastiff.

4.Continued socialization.You should continue socialiying him as an adult to reduce shyness and lessen the chances of him developing aggression to other dogs.The best way to do that is introducing him to other people and dogs in your everyday walk.

5.Never encourage aggression.Cane Corso is natural guardian and usually suspicious of strangers and other animals.You do not need to teach them to be wary of new situations, and excessive praise or encouragement ,it may lead to an excessively aggressive dog.

6.Neutering is not the answer.The surgery may be effective in controlling aggression with other dogs,but it is never  effective in controlling aggression to people.

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