White or straw Cane Corso

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White cane corso

If you’ve decided that Cane Corso is the right dog breed for you, we are sure that you would like to own a dog with the purest genes and good temperament. It is already well known that Cane Corso dog breed mostly appears in coat colors such as black, blue/grey, brindle and fawn, but there is also a color for which have heard only true lovers and experts of this dog breed. That rare type of fur color existed at the very beginning of Cane Corso dog breed. In Italian regions, there were standard colors of Cane Corso and a certain belief for each of them. Cane Corso dogs with white markings on noses  were considered for excellent tracers ,and the one we are talking about here,were  particularly appreciated  because of their  ‘combustible’ temperament. So that their common name straw , fits them perfectly (lit. they are inflammable like straw hay). That specific, very light-cream color of the coat is otherwise called ‘white ’- formentino fulvo or old magnificent cream color. Today,straw is one of the rarest Cane Corso coat colors and it could be occasionally produced breeding two italian mastiffs of regular colors,carrying recessive genes. All Cane Corso ‘straw’ puppies we have bred had a beautiful typical head, a wide muzzle, and perfectly angulation.  They were also easy to train and had excellent temperament. Their main characteristic is not the unusual,rare color as some people think, but it’s their entire  appearance of the real rustic Cane Corso dog.


As true lovers in straw Cane Corso dog, we were lucky to have,from time to time, ‘straw’ puppies for sale,Those excellent quality ‘straw’ puppies were from health-tested parents and some of them you can check on our You Tube channel: WATCH HERE !!!

Quality of Cane Corso in straw color is very high.Generally puppies are very similar in type,and have that rustic ,beautiful,head shape .Very good in body,also,with excellent temperament.

From time to time we got adults and puppies in this unique , straw  , color for sale.

For any question about available puppies and adults ,please ,  CONTACT US