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Dog boarding facility in Serbia, Belgrade - Maxima lux



Hey everybody!!! 

Cane Corso kennel Maxima lux is proud to present a new boarding facility, ACTIVE, as a part of our facility kennel. We offer services like boarding your dog, collecting it from the airport, and every other service related to dog caring or breeding. 

If you are a foreign citizen who wants to buy a dog from Serbia but has a problem picking him up and needs a place for his new dog to stay until he finishes paperwork or waiting for the right moment to collect him and does not know anyone from Serbia Maxima lux boarding facility is here to help you. 

Maybe you are considering a purchase of a dog from Serbia who needs to go to New Zealand, Australia, or some exotic island where you need a lot of import licenses, and the dog needs to be at a certain age with a bunch of tests done. Few breeders now have room for an adult dog who must wait for his export for a year or does not have time to do numerous tests for a dog. Our boarding facility can help you with that. We can also drive your dog from the airport to Belgrade airport or Budapest if it is needed. We can make a deal about everything connected to dogs. 

Maxima lux boarding facility is a large facility equipped with 17 large kennels for boarding even large dogs. 

Our reputation as a respectful dog breeder for more than 15 years guarantees that your dog will be treated as one of ours. 

Our boarding facility is based in Umka, Belgrade suburb. That is an excellent position, especially for the distance from Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla which is 25 km (about 12.43 mi) or 15 minutes ride. 

Our dog boarding facility website is

If you have any questions, please contact us HERE.