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Feel The Power Spunk Gang

Feel the power, aka Meda, is my first straw, Cane Corso. I was in love as soon I saw him. That color makes him stand out everywhere. Unique Cane Corso in every way. Very stable temperament. Great with kids and other dogs. He is a dog who never fought for his life. Very good with a family, gentle. He always acts with thinking of his action. Never run on the ball while children are playing.

He has the pedigree every Cane Corso owner wishes with great dogs as Murano, Gvido Desmo, and Desert Eagle.

Meda has an excellent prey drive. Loves balls. He isn't the most active dog, but he reacts when needed. Great for bite work training.

This boy is powerful. His height is 70 cm and 60 kg in weight—great guardian of the yard.

He is the most friendly dog in daily walks. Can play with every breed and dog size.

Very trustworthy to my family.

Feel the power is the unique cane Corso dog I ever lay my eyes on and a complete packet of stable temperament and great looking dog.

Name: Feel The Power Spunk Gang
Breed: Cane Corso
Date of birth: 3. Dec 2014.
Color : White
Gender : Males
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