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Jamaica Bella Strajano

Jamaica is my first Cane Corso. My love. Special dog. Intelligent and brave. Excellent old Italian bloodline. She has perfect head shape copy-pasted from her father, Dante dell Antico Cerberus. Beautiful robust built. She is 64 cm in height and 45cm in weight. Very protective of my family. In every walk-on guard.

For every litter, Jamaica showed enormous love. Every pup she treats the same. Excellent mother. Also great with my and every other child. I am so confident in her temperament.

She is the best dog for the therapy of other dogs. Very tolerant and dominated dog even on first seeing. She knows to come close to any dog with any problem, even aggressive ones. Her character comes down, and they act without any aggression. She is excellent on shows. She moves like she is flying. Confident in any moment. This strong Italian mastiff girl gave me many solid and heavy-built puppies.

She has an official hip and elbow test: HD-C, ED-0.

What more to say about a girl who is why I became in love with this breed.

  • junior Champion of Serbia
  • Champion of Serbia





Name: Jamaica Bella Strajano
Breed: Cane Corso
Date of birth: 20. Feb 2011.
Color : Black
Gender : Females
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