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Bianca Maxima lux


Bianca is an attractive female for sure. But, she is the most energetic dog in my kennel. Always jumping, running, and in some movement. This dog can't stop.

Her head shape is beautiful, a fantastic expression—a perfect body with perfect angulation. Bianca is 62 cm in height and 42 kg in pure muscle weight. Not so friendly with other dogs and very reserved to strangers. This Italian mastiff is very sharp, especially with some females. But, on the other hand, she is perfect with any male.

The most exciting thing is her breeding. She takes all initiative and acts like a male. She is excellent for young males to teach them everything the right way, fast.

She is one of the best guardians in the yard. Very alert to any creature and sound. My yard is the safest with Bianca at night patrol. Her pups are one of the largest in every combination so far.

Bianca has excellent prey drive, one of the best. She is interested in every toy and prey.

Height :  59 cm  

Weight :  42 kg

Official hip and elbow results: HD-A, ED-0!





HD-A , ED-0

Name: Bianca Maxima lux
Date of birth: 24. Sep 2016.
Color : straw
Gender : Females
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