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Cane Corso Europe | Breeder | Puppies | Kennel | Italian Mastiff | Why my cane corso smell so bad ?

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Why my cane corso smell so bad ?

Why does my Cane Corso stink so bad?

As a responsible dog owner, you surely want to provide only the best care to your pet. However, sometimes no matter how much are you trying, your Cane Corso can stink so bad without even knowing the reason. That’s why we’ve decided to relieve this topic and introduce you to the tips on how to keep your pooch clean and free of odor.

My Cane Corso stinks- What are the reasons for such occurrence?

Despite you regularly bathe your Cane Corso, his coat and other body parts may smell bad from time to time. Smelly ears, bad breath, stinky coat, and swollen anal sac glands can be only some of the reasons for such occurrence. Let’s discover the most common reasons.

Cane Corso ear infections

Although they’re not known as dogs who are prone to allergies, Cane Corsos may develop ear infections due to seasonal or food allergens. Since many Corsos have cropped ears, they are on a higher tendency to collect debris and dirt. On the other hand, plants stuck in the ear canal may also trigger the problem, so that’s why it’s essential to regularly check on these body parts

Itchy behavior is usually the first sign of an infection,  as well as the smelly odor and discharge coming from the ear. As one of the best products to use for keeping their ears healthy is a vet-approved ear cleaning solution. As your breeder or a vet which one to choose for your pet.

Cane Corso bad breath

Another answer to the question of why does your Cane Corso stink can be found in lack of oral hygiene. Most dog owners would agree that a dog’s bad breath is the worst smell in the world. It can be caused by tartar and plaque collected on the teeth that often lead to swollen and painful gums. One of the ways to maintain good oral hygiene in Cane Corso is to perform toothbrushing, use chew toys, dental treats or to add a drinking water additive to your pet’s water bowl

Since too much calculus can push up the gums away from the teeth, your dog may develop cavities, tissue destruction, teeth loss, and even pus development.

Cane Corso Yeast infection

Yeast is a fungus that is a regular resident of a dog’s skin. However, when your pet’s immune system begins to weaken, the yeast may start to overgrow. This type of fungus is a common cause of a yeast infection that is followed by itchy skin, redness, hot spots, smelly ears and itchy paws.

Yeast smell resembles of cheese or popcorn, and it may cover the Cane Corso’s whole body if left untreated. Yeast skin infection is followed by itchiness, seborhea and stinky coat that can be treated with special medical dog shampoos.

Cane Corso tail

If you’re still not sure why does your Cane Corso stink so bad, then you gotta check his tail. Since many owners decide to dock a Cane Corso’s tail, you should pay attention to 2 smalll pouches located on both side of the anus. Since the walls of the sac constain many sebaceous glands, they tend to produce a foul-smelling fluid. It can be one of the reasons why does your Cane Corso stink.

Unfortunately, analsac glands also often become plugged, swollen, and smelly. To prevent your pet from any infections, you need to perform regular cleaning.

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