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Cane Corso Europe | Breeder | Puppies | Kennel | Italian Mastiff | Why Does My Cane Corso Follow Me Everywhere?

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Why Does My Cane Corso Follow Me Everywhere?

Why does my Cane Corso dog follow me everywhere?

If your Cane Corso became a ’velcro dog’ that follows you everywhere, then you probably want to find out the reason for such behavior. Even though you love your dog so much, living with such a family member can become really annoying. Let’s find out all the facts why your Cane Corso follows you everywhere.

The reasons for your dog’s stalking behavior

  • Curiosity

Since dogs are highly social and curious beings, this behavior shouldn’t surprise you at all. Your Cane Corso dog may follow you to find out what’s going on and whether you’re safe. Note that Cane Corsos are known as guard dogs, so they always tend to spend time in their owner’s vicinity in order to make sure that everything is ok.

  • Breed traits

Some dog breeds such as Cane Corsos, tend to show a stalking behavior because they belong to the Molossus family of dogs. Molossus dogs have learned to spend time and work beside their owners because they consider them for their leaders. They can become very dependable if you don’t teach them gradually to spend time alone.

  • Separation anxiety

Like any other companion dog breed, a Cane Corso can also start suffering from separation anxiety. It is a condition where a dog experiences real stress when he becomes aware of the fact that he stayed home alone. To prevent your Cane Corso dog from following you everywhere, I advise you to teach him to spend time alone from an early age. Every dog should learn that the owner needs to have time for himself. Therefore, teach your Cane Corso to spend time in the crate and play with toys. A crate can be a specific place in the house or a dog’s bed where he can feel safe and comfortable. You can also use different interactive and stuffed toys that will not only prevent him from feeling stressed but will also improve his intelligence.

How to know that your Cane Corso following has gone too far?

While it can be thrilling to see the dog that listens to the owner’s commands, it can be very problematic when he can’t stop following him everywhere. It can be especially concerning if a dog also shows aggressive behavior as well. It’s the sign that the dog didn’t go through socialization lessons. To leave with a well-obedient and calm-tempered dog, it’s essential to introduce your Cane Corso dog to the sounds of the outside world. Some pooches may show fearful or aggressive behavior due to the sound of the doorbell, thunderstorm, traffic, and other sudden noises. 

Therefore, the best tip is to teach your dog to get used to meeting unknown people and dogs to prevent him from aggressive behavior. Dog owners often mix destructive behavior with aggressiveness. However, the difference should be pretty obvious because dogs who show destructive behavior usually suffer from anxiety. The damage will be located around entry and exit points, or the dog will tend to constantly chew and lick his paws to blood.

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