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Cane Corso Europe | Breeder | Puppies | Kennel | Italian Mastiff | Where To Find A Cane Corso Puppy For Sale in Canada?

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Where To Find A Cane Corso Puppy For Sale in Canada?




If you’ve decided that a noble and giant Cane Corso should become your new family member, you surely want to find a well-bred and healthy pet. Every responsible dog owner tends to find a Cane Corso puppy for sale from healthy bloodlines. Therefore, regardless of the country where you live, the distance shouldn’t stop you from getting the dog of your dreams.


Since finding a Cane Corso puppy for sale in Canada might sound challenging, I decided to introduce you to our Cane Corso Maxima lux kennel with headquarters in Serbia, Europe. I’ve been a Cane Corso breeder since 2010, and my main goal is to produce puppies that will be cleared of all hereditary diseases, and that can be used for showing purposes. 


Besides, my puppies go through basic socialization lessons, so you can be sure that the puppy you get will be confident, loyal, calm-tempered, and obedient. 


The future owners will get proper education and lessons on how to take care of a Cane Corso and my lifetime support guarantee. In other words, I will be able to answer you to all your questions and to provide you with the best tips to take care of your puppy. 


How to find a Cane Corso puppy for sale in Canada?


Thanks to well-organized types of transport and my shipping agents, you’ll be able to get your new family member in almost any country in the world and Canada, of course. We use reliable shipping agents who are taking care of import documentation. They are all the time in contact with our customers and me, making no room for something unpredictable to happen. That’s how we make sure that the puppy traveled safely and that everything went well during the trip to Canada. 


Each of my Cane Corso puppies for sale come from registered, health-tested parents whose hips have mostly the highest score HDA, ED0. It’s the best score of the hips in dogs, and it’s especially important to note it because Cane Corsos are on a higher tendency to suffer from hip dysplasia. Therefore, buying a dog for a low amount of money should be a warning sign there’s something wrong with such a dog.


 Every trusted breeder will also provide you with a health certificate and proof that the puppy got all the essential vaccines and deworming before it went to a new home. I will give you advice about the feeding schedule and how and when to start with training lessons.


My dogs have learned to spend time around kids, so if you live in a large family, they’ll be easier to adapt to a new environment. On the other hand, the part of tailoring your dog’s personality will much depend on you, so it’s the advice to start with the obedience lessons from the moment you bring it home. Since Cane Corsos are known as loyal protectors,  they may show aggressiveness if they don’t get the essential training. Therefore, my recommendation is to teach your dog, who is the leader from the very beginning.


Aside from the previously mentioned facts, my Cane Corso puppies are carriers of traditional genes of the Cane Corso breed, have been microchipped, and will be health checked before they go to new homes. They are coming with FCI registration and, of course, passport with all vaccines and deworming up to date.


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