Ten most exciting facts about Cane Corso

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Ten most exciting facts about Cane Corso

Ten most exciting facts about Cane Corso

We want to share some interesting facts about the Cane Corso breed with everyone interested in this beautiful breed. Many misconceptions are on the Cane Corso scene, and we are trying to move those clouds out. Let's get started.

Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff or …

There are many different names for the same breed. Also mainly used are Mastiff Italiano, Roman Mastiff, American Cane Corso

Now, American Cane Corso, one more thing needs to be explained. They are also called Traditional Cane Corso. They are descendent of old Italian bloodlines that came to the United States back in 1989, directly from Italy. The American Cane Corso trademark is his strong skeleton and muscular body, the main difference from the Untraditional Cane Corso in the USA.

King Corso

Cane Corso breed has one more name, king Corso. This is a widespread name for them in the USA. Don't get me wrong, they are kings and queens for me, but they got this name because of incorrect pronunciation. The correct pronunciation is KAH-NAY KOR-SO.

Is Cane Corso hypoallergenic?

There were many studies about human allergies in dogs. Around 10% of humans have allergies to dogs. There isn't a hypoallergenic dog breed. However, dogs who shed relatively little and produce less dander, like Cane Corso, are a better choice than long-haired, heavily shedding breeds. One interesting thing is that pet dander causes allergies.

Is Cane Corso dangerous for humans?

Cane Corso is a large breed, very muscular and strong. Their broad muzzle and cropped ears make them look very intimidating. But that is only their surface. If you examine their eyes, they will reveal kindness for its humans. This breed is susceptible and very social. They are bonding with their humans very fast and staying glued and follow them everywhere.

Is Cane Corso intelligent?

Cane Corso is a very intelligent dog. Italian Mastiff is a very active dog breed, and people should be training them physically and mentally. They always need a job to do. People are saying that dogs are clever as two-year-old kids. Well then, Cane Corso is intelligent as a two-year-old poker player. This is a dog breed that will constantly test its boundaries and keep an eye on your reactions. Their owner must be a leader in any way and set firm behavior rules. Otherwise, Cane Corso will try to dominate the household.

Does Cane Corso have a lockjaw?

Lockjaw is a myth. Not even one healthy dog breed has that mechanism of locking a jaw on during a bite. I said healthy because some health issues can cause such things.

Some dog breeds have stronger muscles and perhaps a tendency to hang on in a bite.

Cane Corso has a powerful bite of 700 PSI ( pounds per square inch).

Did you know that Cane Corso has the undershot condition of the jaw? It means the upper jaw is slightly shorter than the lower jaw.

Are Cane Corso females more aggressive?

There is a word that Cane Corso females are more aggressive and defensive for the person, while males are natural territory guardians. They are agile and faster than males but equally courageous. It's not a general thing, but they are easier for training also.

Does A Cane Corso bark a lot?

No. These dogs are very quiet. They bark only if something strange is going on. Cane Corso is a perfect analyst. He has a remarkable ability to see the details around him. If there is something suspicious for him, he will let you know by barking.

Is Cane Corso destructive?

Cane Corso can be destructive if he suffers from separation anxiety. This dog must be properly socialized and trained daily. Italian Mastiff is a high-level energy dog who needs to spend that energy. If he doesn't get regular training, physical and mental, he would be bored. Then he will destructively spend that energy by chewing everything around him, digging holes in the yard, or turning your bad into pieces.

Can Cane Corso live in an apartment?

Believe it or not, Cane Corso can live in an apartment or condo. Since this dog is a highly energetic mastiff, you must regularly walk him or have any other activity outside. It can be brisk walking two or three times a day or one longer playing fetch on the local field.

You can provide mental stimulation as well, right there in the flat. There are many things and toys you can offer to your dog to keep him mentally engaged.

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