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Is cane corso a good family dog

Is Cane Corso a good family dog?

Cane Corso is an intelligent and high energy dog breed. Besides, they are considered excellent guard dogs, Corsos also require a lot of training to become obedient. When we talk about bringing a Cane Corso into your family, it definitely presents the right choice if everyone will be involved in providing a proper balance of exercise.

How to make a Cane Corso to become a good family dog?

Since Cane Corso belongs to breeds that served for protecting livestock, family, and property, it posses strong guarding genes. In other words, this breed shows protective instincts towards strangers. That’s why you'll need to expose him to friendly people and kids, so he can learn how to recognize the good ones and the bad ones. Without performing adequate socialization, your CC may even become fearful and show aggression in order to protect himself.

People often stay curious to know when is the best time to start to socialize a dog. Well, there is a common misunderstanding that the perfect time to start is about the dog’s 6th week of age. However, teaching a dog to become socialized starts earlier, even when it’s still in the kennel. A breeder plays a huge role in tailoring a dog’s personality. It includes interaction with other puppies from a litter and allowing it to sniff and discover items in a kennel.

When the puppy becomes ready to find a new home, the new owners need to continue to socialize it by performing the following steps:

1-Taking a Cane Corso puppy to daily walks

Taking a dog to regular walks will help it to build a healthy and calm personality. In that way, your pooch will not only start to interact with people but also with other animals. In other words, your Cane Corso will figure out ‘how the outside world works’. Listening to the sounds of traffic and discovering new odor will properly shape its temperament.

2- Interaction with people of all ages

Interaction with people and kids presents one of the most essential stages in a dog’s life. It’s because your Cane Corso should get used to people of different appearances and sizes. In case your friends want to pet your canine, it’s advisable to make sure that their hands are seen by your dog. That’s how your four-legged friend will become assured that the person who wants to cuddle him/her doesn’t have bad intentions.

3- Make one-on-one plays with another dog

To teach your Cane Corso not to act aggressively towards other dogs, we advise you to make a one-on-one date with another dog.

Is a Cane Corso a good fit for families with kids?

Despite their massive bodies, Cane Corso has never been used for dog fightings. It is a breed that has always been considered for a working dog. That’s why you can often see Corso digging holes in a yard when it starts to feel bored. Therefore, they always search for something to do in order to release an enormous level of energy they posses.

By making a decision to bring a Cane Corso to a family with kids, you can be sure that it will always tend to protect them. In the end, every dog likes to have a companion that can become its ‘best partner in crime’.

On the other hand, it’s not advisable to leave a Cane Corso unattended with kids if it hasn’t been socialized yet. Since it is a ‘natural guardian,’ it’s recommended not to encourage aggression. Note that neutering a dog will not help a lot in decreasing aggression towards people, because it only affects the aggression towards dogs. Therefore, if you want to live with an obedient and loyal dog, you’ll need to invest a lot of effort and energy to tailor your dog’s personality. Since owning a dog is equal to having a child, you should help your dog to grow into a healthy and calm-tempered being.

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