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Introducing a new dog to your resident dog

Suddenly bringing a new dog can make serious problems that can last forever. Dogs are territorial animals and the resident dog might feel threatened and can act very hostile. It’s the best to meet dogs in the neutral territory (to take them together for a walk and to see their reactions). Neutral territory is not the park where you already take your resident dog for a walk; it’s the place outside your house like a training center, neighbor’s yard or some other ‘new’ place. If they two get along very well, you should take ‘the new’ dog in a short visit to your house. You should keep both dogs on the leash for a while and to walk them through the house or yard. Let your new family member meet and explore his new environment. Before the dog visits his new house, you should hide all the toys from both of them and later when they start to feel relaxed and calmed you should give them some snacks. Your dogs should meet slowly and carefully. In the beginning, you should feed them in separate rooms in order to avoid their aggressive reactions. If your resident dog feels insecure and starts being aggressive, the idea of punishing him is not a good idea at all. If your resident dog is already appropriately socialized, there shouldn’t be any bigger problems and they two will surely establish a good relationship. In the beginning, you shouldn’t leave them unattended, and if despite your efforts your resident dog doesn’t want to accept the new ‘buddy’ and refuses food, maybe you should considering of returning him to the breeder/shelter. Bringing the second dog into your family should be your definite decision, so you need to be objective and to think twice before making it. The health of your dog should be in the first place. Only you know his character and nature, and forcing him to live with the second dog and sharing his space can be really stressful. Imagine that you live with someone who annoys you- it wouldn’t be such a great idea. Listen to your dog’s body language, because it will relieve you all his emotions and needs!

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Does Cane Corso have separation anxiety?

Does Cane Corso have separation anxiety? 10. Apr 2021.

Does Cane Corso have separation anxiety?

My Cane Corso is very attached to me. Would it be a problem if he is left alone? Or my Italian Mastiff is making a mess when he stays alone in a home. Does my dog have a problem? What exactly is separation anxiety?

Cane Corso socialization

Cane Corso socialization 1. Nov 2020.

Socializing your Cane Corso is the essential thing one owner could do for his best fur friend. A socialized dog is confident and behaves balance in every situation. That makes him and his owner happier and satisfied in everyday activity, making no room for something unexpecting to happen.

Cane Corso import to the UK

Cane Corso import to the UK 31. Oct 2020.


Can you safely ship Cane Corso to the UK? Is the puppy safe during the trip? How much time that shipping takes? How can I buy a Cane Corso from you from the UK? Can I import a cropped and docked Italian mastiff puppy to the UK?

Where To Find A Cane Corso Puppy For Sale in Canada?

Where To Find A Cane Corso Puppy For Sale in Canada? 18. Sep 2020.



If you’ve decided that a noble and giant Cane Corso should become your new family member, you surely want to find a well-bred and healthy pet. Every responsible dog owner tends to find a Cane Corso puppy for sale from healthy bloodlines...

How Much Exercise Does An Italian Cane Corso Need?

How Much Exercise Does An Italian Cane Corso Need? 16. Aug 2020.

Highly energetic and athletic Cane Corsos are born to work for their owners. Originated from southernn Italy, they have been bred for hunting, herding, and guarding purposes...