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How to discipline a Cane Corso

How Do You Discipline a Cane Corso?

If you’ve just brought your Cane Corso puppy home, then you gotta know that you should invest plenty of energy and time in its training in order to live with a well-behaved pooch. Since Cane Corsos are known as independent dogs, it’s essential to initiate training from an early age. These dogs can be quite territorial so there’s a thin line between tailoring a calm-tempered and aggressive pet. Therefore, one of the most important steps to perform is to find a reputable and trusted breeder who will ensure you that the puppy has crossed through basic socialization lessons.

How to discipline a Cane Corso?

Every puppy should get the first lessons of socialization when it’s still in the kennel. It includes interaction with other puppies from the litter and the mother. This step is important because taking a puppy away from its mother in the transitional stage can cause fearful behavior in the future. Such dogs usually suffer from anxiety and tend to feel afraid of other dogs. That’s why the ideal time to take a Cane Corso puppy from a breeder is when it’s approximately 8 weeks old.

 When you bring a new family member home, introducing it with family members and kids represents the next step. Training a Cane Corso means more than just teaching him a few tricks. It includes encouraging and teaching a dog to tolerate strangers, both human and canine. Since this breed is known as territorial, these lessons usually can be performed from the 6th week of age.

Who is a Pack Leader in the family?

To escape any unwanted behavior in your Cane Corso, you must establish a limit that will show your dog who is the pack leader. Since canines are pack animals that require having a leader, you must set those roles from the beginning. If you live in a large family, establish what you want to teach your dog so that nobody gives contradictory orders. Otherwise, a dog may start being confused and act stubborn when learning tricks and commands.

Use positive reinforcement

To discipline a Cane Corso, it’s not recommended to use the force but only the positive reinforcement. Usually, it includes using toys, treats, and telling praise words. The dynamic and volume of your voice also play key factors when performing discipline lessons. In other words, you should change your voice into a sharp and short one when teaching him what’s forbidden to do. When a Cane Corso puppy comes into your home, it will try to figure out what’s his place in the family. Besides showing dominance behavior, it may also try being aggressive if you don’t rebuke it. Showing a possessive behavior toward his toys, food, and other home items is also possible to occur.

Cane Corso Crate Training

Despite it is heart-melting to see a puppy sleeping in your bed, my advice is to perform crate training lessons from an early age. Every dog should have his own bed for sleeping and resting. Aside from this, it’s also recommended to place his bed on a lower position from your couch or bed so he may not think he’s equal to you. That will remind him that you’re his master and commander.

To teach your Cane Corso puppy to sleep in his crate/bed, I advise you to call him to come to that place by using a treat and telling praise words. That’s how he’ll have a positive association with his sleeping spot. Forcing a dog to spend plenty of time in the crate is not a good idea because Cane Corsos belong to the Molossus family of dogs who’re very attached to their families. In other words, spending hours and hours in the crate may lead to occurring dog separation anxiety.

Cane Corso Potty Training

When we talk about the potty training lessons, every dog should be allowed to go out in the morning, after it eats, after playtime, and before going to bed. In that way, you’ll create consistency and set the schedule. Use a positive and kind tone when your dog performs the potty and reward him with treats. In the first few weeks, you should also use ’an outdoor bathroom place’ so your dog can be attracted with the scent.

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