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Cane Corso Europe | Breeder | Puppies | Kennel | Italian Mastiff | How Much Exercise Does An Italian Cane Corso Need?

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How Much Exercise Does An Italian Cane Corso Need?

Highly energetic and athletic Cane Corsos are born to work for their owners. Originated from southernn Italy, they have been bred for hunting, herding, and guarding purposes. Since Cane Corso bite force is known as one of the strongest in the world, we shouldn’t become surprised by their amazing abilities. They stand out from the crowd with their big and powerful bodies, and require living an active life in order to stay healthy and happy. Cane Corsos can also suit the apartment-type of living, but due to their energetic personalities, these fellows need a lot of daily exercise. Therefore, if you’re considering buying a Cane Corso puppy, it’s essential to know how much exercise does an Italian Cane Corso need. The amount of exercise will depend on a dog’s age, health, and lifestyle.

Italian Cane Corso Exercise Needs- What do you need to pay attention to?

Cane Corso dog breed represents a perfect choice for active persons. They require plenty of activity to release their pent-up energy and must go through socialization training in order to show a relaxed and calm personality. Since they are very territorial and famous for their guarding abilities, every owner of this breed should teach their puppies to act comfortable around different environments, sights, and people. That’s how you’ll prevent him from acting aggressively toward other dogs, and strangers.

When we talk about performing hard training lessons, you gotta be very careful because Cane Corsos can be susceptible to develop bone and joint deformities up to their first year of life. Just like many other large dog breeds, Cane Corsos grow fast which is actually a trigger for potential suffering from hip dysplasia. Therefore, do not rush with exercising your Italian Cane Corso and gradually increase the level of difficulty.

Avoid jumping, long-running, and stair climbing until your dog becomes fully developed (around 18 months). Instead of performing exhausting activities, choose multiple short strolls during a day. They’ll help your puppy to release the pent-up energy and will prevent it from chewing home items due to boredom. A pleasantly-tired dog won’t make troubles at home and will be less susceptible to suffer from dog separation anxiety.

Note that dogs require both physical and mental play, so I recommend you to teach your dog what to chew in order to escape unwanted chewing behavior. You can use different interactive dog toys that will keep your pooch occupied and make him for the snacks. Sniffing mats and snack dog puzzles are only one of them.

After all, Italian Cane Corsos are working dogs, so they need to have a job to do. As an owner of this breed, you need to be a very confident owner to become his pack leader. Otherwise, the dog can become very stubborn and even show aggression in certain situations.

What are the best exercises for an Italian Cane Corso?

Walking and jogging Cane Corsos represent a perfect pick during a development stage. As we already mentioned, heavy training lessons can leave severe and permanent damages to their hips and joints. To make your Cane Corso pleasantly tired, you should walk him for approximately 20 min three times a day. If that doesn’t fit your schedule, then you can perform 2 long walks twice a day.

As your pet becomes fully developed, you can add different exercises for building muscles and games for improving intelligence.

Speaking generally, every Cane Corso should have enough of a daily walk, mental stimulation, and muscle-built exercises. Maintaining a muscle mass in this breed is highly important in order to keep their joints healthy and to prevent them from obesity. Obesity can be another trigger of health issues such as dog arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other spine and bone deformities.




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