Does my Cane Corso have separation anxiety?

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Does Cane Corso have separation anxiety?

Does Cane Corso have separation anxiety?

My Cane Corso is very attached to me. Would it be a problem if he is left alone? Or my Italian Mastiff is making a mess when he stays alone in a home. Does my dog have a problem? What exactly is separation anxiety?

Cane Corso, as a breed very connected with his human family, especially one MAIN family member, pack leader, can suffer from separation anxiety.

Some standard identifiers of separation anxiety begin to show as you get ready to take off from the house. They can include:

- restlessness

- slobbering

- whining

- lack of engagement in most loved food


Signs the Cane Corso has anxiety when left home alone regularly include:

- indoor disposal (when the canine is housetrained)

- destruction

- slobbering (proved in wet fur and pooling) - alarm vocalization - whining, wailing, yapping (a tone will, in general, be higher, more focused, persistent)

- lack of engagement in most loved food

- marking

- indications of pacing (reports from individuals staying in the house, dogwalkers, neighbors, or camera videos)


Frequently a canine with constant separation anxiety will self harm his paws, nose, and teeth attempting to get away from a crate or barred room.

A typical target for destruction is house exits, doors, windows, and everything around them drapes, blinds, and doorframes. And, of course – the crate.

What causes separation anxiety?

Many things can cause this behavior, especially for Cane Corsos. Unlike many other dog breeds, Cane Corsos are incredibly connected with their owner. While most dogs are independent and don't have any issue if left them alone, Cane Corso is different. He wants to spend every hour near his owner. Also, these dogs have an incredible sense of things around them and routine. Yeah, you heard it right; your dog can be sad if your parrot dies. The trigger for anxiety could be changing your working hour. If you start leaving when your Italian Mastiff didn't use it, he will know it.

Separation anxiety behavior is produced by panic.

Panic of a dog left alone, like a child in the forest, and there isn't his pack leader to show him the way. So how can we help?

Treatment for Cane Corso separation anxiety


There are many ways you can reduce or even put on control your Cane Corso anxiety behavior. Here are some of them :

Don't make a big deal out of your comings and goings. You can train your dog by leaving a room for a few minutes and without saying good buy. During a time, you will make your absence longer, for five minutes, than ten and so on until you can spend few hours without barking or any destruction. The most important thing is to make your arrival also dull, so after you get back, don't greeting or pet your dog for a while. Give your Mastiff time to calm down.

Identify what causes the anxiety. There must be a trigger like a clock alarm, or the way you dress for work, the sound of a keychain, etc.

Make a distraction to the triggers. Make a comfortable position for your dog when he reacts to the trigger. If it's a keychain, pet him; if it's your suit, feed your dog wearing it, etc.

Exercise your puppy. A brief walk before your work can do wonders for your canine. A dog with stimulation and activity will have a little less energy for destruction. The dog will be happy and pleased with that act.

If you don't have time, find help. Hire a dog walker or put your pup in daycare from time to time. Keep him engage and active. Find solutions in your living area.

Train and practice independence. Train your dog command place, where place can be a towel or blanket, and it must be far from you at least few steps. When He finishes command, reward him with his favorite snack. He must realize that his spot is a towel, not a space next to you. Then you can leave him alone with his towel, and you won't have a problem.

Give your dog a toy. Seriously leave a canine with a toy; you two are often playing. Your Cane Corso will have security and your sense on that toy. It will remind him of you.

What else could it be?

A professional can help you tell if your dog has separation anxiety or it is some other thing.

So what could it be if it wasn't anxiety?

Well, speaking of the Cane Corso breed, destruction can be triggered by a lack of stimulation. Cane Corso dog has a very high energy level that you need to find a way to empty. You can do it by walk, run, swimming or by different mental pieces of training. Just make him preoccupied with anything.

People or dogs who are just passing by can trigger territorial aggression.

Allergies or other fears can trigger self-mutilation s and salivation, same as fleas.

Incomplete housetraining can trigger  Indoor disposal.

What are the risk factors for anxiety?

Is there higher risk factors for some dog developing separation anxiety? What dogs are at higher risk?
Cane Corso is a breed known for insane attachment to its owners. King Corso likes to  follow his pack leader everywhere. It's because he believes him and feels more secure around his owner.
Precisely this kind of dog is at higher risk. They get into a distressed state when their people leave the house. Also, there can be an issue with their internal fears, like fear of crate, loud noises from outside, etc.

This is the reason more for good socialization of Cane Corsos while they are still puppies. You must introduce your puppy to every possible new situation on time and built its self-confidence from one case to another.

If your dog was destructive and did some damage in your home while you weren't there, don't yell at him. He can be even more stressful next time you leave him alone. Just apply our treatment for Cane Corso's separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety medication for dogs

Suppose your dog's training doesn't help him, or he continues to self-mutilating himself. Then it would be best if you considered talking with a professional dog behaviorist and your vet. Your vet may endorse your Cane Corso anxiety medication, for example, clomipramine hydrochloride or fluoxetine hydrochloride, to assist him in overcoming lack of you and easing him into the treatment cycle. Suppose you would prefer not to take the drug course. In that case, your vet may recommend the utilization of a Dog Appeasing Pheromone (D.A.P.) diffuser. This diffuser plugs into the room and deliveries manufactured pheromones to quiet the canine.

Many new vet studies recommending CBD for pets for these purposes as a great solution.


Separation anxiety is a severe disorder for any dog. As a breed glued to its owner, Cane Corso is even in more danger than the other breeds. That's why we must observe our Mastiffs daily and if the problem occurs to react in the way described in the article. In any case, we must be there for them like they are always there for us.

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