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How much does Cane Corso weigh?




How much should my Cane Corso puppy weigh at three months? How much does Cane Corso's pup weigh at six months? How about adult Cane Corso? Is it even important how much my Cane Corso weighs? These are the questions that many people ask me. I will explain how you can calculate your Cane Corso puppy weight.

Cane Corso is a powerful, large breed dog. He was created for hunting and guarding. The Cane Corso is more athletic and agile than other mastiffs. Its deeply muscled frame easily recognizes the Cane Corso. I could say he is an athlete among mastiffs. That is why we must pay attention to his weight. By overweighting your puppy, you won't show him more love. Overweight is a severe problem for your Cane Corso.

                                                           I want a giant Cane Corso

As we spoke before, Cane Corso must move quickly as a guarding dog. Many people want a giant Cane Corso as a guardian of their yard. The first question in our conversation is how much does he weigh. The breed's standard is for females 40-45 kg (88-99 lb). For Italian Mastiff males 45-50kg (99-110 lb). Giant Cane Corso only has speed and moving problems, hip, elbow, joint issues, and many other weight-connected problems. The size doesn't mean much if the Corso can't move as it should be. The health of the dog must be in the first place, not the unhealthy appearance.


                            How can you calculate your Cane Corso puppy weight?

The easiest thing you can do to calculate your Cane Corso puppy weigh is to multiply their number of weeks by one kilogram or in the United States, with 2,20 lb.


If your puppy is three months old, it has around 13 weeks. 13 multiplied by 1 kg, a puppy should be approximately 13 kilos, or in lb 13 multiplied by 2,20 lb equals 28,6 lb. Females should be half a kilo fewer, let's say 12,5 kg, and males half a kilos more, around 13,5 kg—same thing in pounds females 1 lb less, 27,5 lb and males a pound more 29,5 lb.

That is the simplest and the most accurate calculator you can use for fast checking your puppy weight.

                                          How much should weight my 6 months old, Corso?

If we use our calculation again six months old, Corso should have 26 weeks multiplied by 1 kilo should weigh 26 kg or in pounds, 26 multiplied by 2,20 lb equals 57,2 lb. Females would be near 25 kg or 55lb, and males should be 27kg or 59,4 lb.

Of course, have in mind these are approximate numbers. You don't need to hold strictly on them.

I like to keep them lighter until one year old because their weight doesn't affect their fast-growing skeleton and joints.

This way, you can calculate approximately the weight of 9 months old puppy, ten months old or a year-old youngster.

                                             When does a Cane Corso stop growing

Cane Corso will be fully grown at 20 months of age. Though they stop grow much in terms of height after the first year, they still build a lot of muscle until they reach 20 months. With 20 months, he will reach his full height and should gain his total weight. Of course, the last one depends on the quality and quantity of food you are feeding your Italian Mastiff. You must provide your dog a balanced food, and we recommend raw feeding.


In this article, I showed you a method of how you could easily calculate the weight your Cane Corso puppy should have in different growing stages. You can now calculate by yourself how much your puppy at the age of 2, 4, or 8 months should weigh.

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