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Is Cane corso right dog for you ?


Reasons Cane Corso puppies may be preferred to other dogs

  • Cane Corso puppies are docile dogs and fun to play with children. This makes them a good choice for a family with young children to keep them as pets.
  • Although the Cane Corso puppies are small and easy to play with around children and young adults, they grow fast to be dogs, which are really huge, muscular and large-boned. It makes the full-grown Cane Corso’s appearance scary.
  • The breed is also easy to train. This means that whether you are single or living in a group community, they are great to train to the schedule you would like them to follow.
  • Among guard dogs, they are highly rated. As an owner, you can save on security by having these Cane Corso dogs to keep watch over you and your property. From the history of Cane Corso puppies, owners used to have them to guard families, livestock, and property.

Nutrition for the Cane Corso Puppy

The puppies have plenty of energy. A mature Cane Corso consumes about 2100 calories in a day. Cane Corso puppies may need more because they are very playful and spend a lot of energy. Therefore, as an owner of one of these healthy and playful Cane Corso puppies, you may need to find the right quantity of meals to help them grow strong and healthy.

Health of the Cane Corso (puppy-puppies)

If you do not feed your Cane Corso properly, they may be vulnerable to several health conditions commonly associated with this breed in adulthood. Kindly feed your puppy to avoid the complications when they grow up. Complications include; bloat, hip dysplasia, and conditions of the skin such as mange.

Some of the best food for your Cane Corso (puppy-puppies)

If you are a new owner of a Cane Corso puppy, you want to get the right information about the best foods for your newly owned dog.

A Cane Corso puppy grows into a very muscular adult Cane Corso, meaning a lot of protein giving food is required. The most efficient kind of protein to feed your dog should be taken from animal bodies and not plants. This is to ensure the body of your puppy processes the food efficiently. A report by the Association of American Food Control Officials shows that animal protein should make up 22% of your Cane Corso diet.

  1. Carbohydrates: Your puppy needs carbs to get energy from glucose when it’s broken down in the body. They also help generate heat from digestion in the small intestines to maintain the right temperature. Grains give good fiber computations for your Fats. They are a great energy source for your Cane Corso. Carbs keep the Cane Corso healthier because the intestine has healthy bacteria and this keeps him feeling satisfied.
  2. You should not worry yourself with the numbers because the quantities are always indicated on the package of the dog food. This means that protein quantities will be labelled on the list of constituents of your commercial food. Another thing, most high quality dog food includes meat and bone meal. It is a protein derived from animals and it is concentrated. This is one of the best meals to include in the diet for your Cane Corso puppy.
  3. Minerals and vitamins: Puppy foods are mixed with special formula that takes care of your need to have to cram the amount of minerals and vitamins to give your Cane Corso puppies. On the other hand, you should not overfeed your Cane Corso on minerals or extra supplements. Too much of this is unhealthy for the puppies and may interfere with their growth.
  4. Fats: They are a great energy source for your Cane Corso. They are therefore, a very important ingredient for your puppies because they are very playful. Fats also help in the intake of vitamins into the body and keep the puppies skin healthy, moisturized, and glowing.

Feeding Schedules

You are advised to feed your Cane Corso puppies several little meals a day up to the time they are six months. This will ensure even when they gorge, they have more food to keep them growing as required. After seven months, you may re-adjust the feeding schedule to twice per day.

For the best schedules, it is recommended that you follow the guidelines as provided by the manufacturer of the particular dog food you are feeding them. This will help you not to over-feed your Cane Corso puppy. It will also help you know when the puppy is unwell in case you notice unhealthy traits.


In conclusion, the Cane Corso puppies are awesome animals to keep as pets whether you are single or living as a family. They are good bodyguards especially for company if you are staying alone. Another beauty about the Cane Corso is that it can easily be trained. This makes it the right dog to own.

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