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Cane Corso raw feeding Guide

Feeding them properly will enable them to live healthy long lives. Instead of feeding them on kibble, it would be wise to focus on a raw diet. Cooking food destroys the enzymes forcing the dog’s bodies to create enzymes for digestion. This means that they start out deficient and are vulnerable to diseases.

Barf diet is the most common alternative to dry dog food for Cane Corso. BARF (Biologically appropriate raw food) contains essential enzymes that have a variety of roles in the puppy’s body. They are major building blocks for a healthy puppy. Specifically, enzymes act as catalysts that help to catalyze complex reactions in all living organisms. For example, they are responsible for breaking down food boluses into small substances that can pass via the gastrointestinal mucosa into your blood stream. They are the main motivators for most biochemical process. This means that without these proteins, life as we know it cannot exist.

Protein Quantity and Quality

The most important contents of your puppy’s raw diet are protein and calcium. These components play the main role in growth of a Cane Corso puppy. Since the breed has the potential to grow fast, they risk putting additional stress and strain on their amateur joints and hips. If they are not fed enough protein and calcium, the strain will lead to serious complications. Although most people combine kibble, raw feeding and supplements, recent studies have found that raw feeding alone is the best solution to a quick and stable development.

The Quality of the food is critical too. For example, common food has a lot of fillers such as corn. These fillers may not be digestible or hold any nutritional value. Instead, they can be detrimental to your puppy. These hazardous foods are mostly available at cheap prices in many commercial stores. They contain by-products and artificial preservatives. Eliminating the fillers from your diet will yield impeccable results.

The fillers such as corn are also associated with Cancers, seizures, and Canine health issues. This is because they have a lot of growth-enhancer hormones. Some dogs exhibit allergic tendencies to such foods but most people ignore the signs. The fillers are cheap and hence come in large quantities. This means that quality has been compromised for quantity.


Serving Size

The best way to determine the size of your raw food is to consider the weight of the dog. The weight is directly proportional to the size of the food. Ensure that you consult a professional to examine the size of your dog. They are better placed to prescribe precise amounts of food. There are also online resources managed by legitimate veterinaries.

The change from dry to raw food

Do not rush to change the diet of your puppies. Take it slow and observe the changes. For example, some people mix the raw food with dry food. This is not a smart move. Studies show that mixing these foods leads to health hazards for your puppy.

When you begin on the new diet, the dog might show resistance but this is a natural occurrence. Their bodies soon get used when you proceed with providing the new food. If the dog gets ill, consult a vet for diagnosis and urgent medication. Raw meaty bone is one of the best contents of a raw diet to balance their diet.

To convert your dog’s diet needs proper adherence to instructions. The Cane Corso needs a systematic approach rather than instant changes. For example, you may restrict the dog to only water on the first day. This restriction will help clean the digestive tract. On the second day, experts suggest only 25% of the new product.

Increase the content of the product daily. For example, 1/3 of the size on the third day and ¾ of the meal size on the fourth day. On the fifth day, your puppy will be able to consume an entire meal.

Comparison between Raw and Dry Food

Most people on a budget opt for kibble because of its low prices. This is understandable considering the high consumption rates of the Cane Corso. The prices of raw food are quite higher than those of dry diet. For example, bones are the most expensive content in the diet. Considering the health benefits of the raw diet to your Cane Corso, you will save the extra costs of medical expenses. This means that you will spend less on the raw diet in the long run. Therefore, it may seem expensive at first but eventually proves cost-effective after a long period.


Adapting to a raw diet for your puppies is critical in ensuring consistent growth of a healthy Cane Corso, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as Cancer. The growth hormones used in these foods feed foreign genes and catalyze the growth of cancer. Feeding your puppies on a good special diet, which costs more than common foods, goes a long way in saving its life. Avoid sacrificing quality for quantity and ending up putting your puppies at risk of chronic diseases such as cancer.

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