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potty training for a puppy

Puppies need to go potty more often than adult dogs .

If they are  2 months old      on 2-3  hours .

Every additional month  add 1 hour.

6 months and beyond           on 6-8 hours.

Always take your puppy out for potty time after the following events :

right after the meal.

Immediately after a sleeping.

After a playtime session .

Don't forget to praise puppy for pottying outside !

Never punish your puppy for a potty accident .

If you didn't see it happen , it is too late  to punish .

If you see it happening , calmly but firmly say "Outside" and immediately take your puppy outside  to finish his business .

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Cane corso shedding

Cane corso shedding 30. Oct 2019.

Cane Corso shedding

The Cane Corso coat consists of two layers that make this breed suitable for outside living conditions...

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Cane corso bite force 16. Oct 2019.

Cane Corso bite force

Cane Corso belongs to the dog breeds with the strongest bite force in the world...

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Having a dog is undoubtedly an excellent experience for children...

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American Pet Products Association found that in 2016 U.S. pet owners spent $62.75 billion on their furry friends. $23.05 billion was spent on food alone. And how much of that is gone on kibble? I think, most of it.


Cane Corso training

Cane Corso training 27. Sep 2018.

Cane Corso Training

Cane Corso is among the most popular Italian dog breeds. It is considered as a protector. The dog is mostly used in guarding farmyards; intruders won’t dare crossing the fence with a Cane Corso watching.