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Cane corso puppy growth care

Trained Cane Corso dogs can be admirably calm and well-mannered but still find it hard to accommodate strangers. They can be intimidating to visitors; they also have a reputation of hostility to intruders.

Adult Cane Corsi (plural) weigh up to 100 pounds depending on how they are fed. They come in black, a range of shades of grey, ranges of shades of fawn, and red.

Cane Corsi puppies are huge and require huge amounts of food as well as a quality diet. For example, they require meat and bone to boost their enzyme action. Raw food is preferred to kibble because of its ability to sustain enhance digestion and strengthen their joints and bone. Due to their heavy weight and quick growth rate, they often fall victim to weight-related problems. Calcium and proteins are therefore, essential during their young years.

Here are some tips of growth and care for Cane Corsi puppies

Diet and Nutrition

Basic components of a dog’s diet are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Fiber, vitamins, and minerals are also essential but in lesser quantities. The best quality products have better quality and are costly. Cheap foods are mostly associated with poor quality. However, this does not mean the most expensive food is always the best choice.

Dog food manufacturers consider dogs exceeding 50 pounds as large breeds. Providing excessive calories for such dogs means too much weight on feeble legs. The Italian Cane Corsi puppies are among the list of giant breeds. Like other huge breeds, they are susceptible to joint problems such as hip hysplasia. Therefore, they need increased amounts of calcium and phosphorous for strong bones. These foods may include joint supplements such as glucosamine, green lip mussels, and chondroitin. Without these supplements, your puppy will be at high risk of arthritis among other joint complications.

Health Issues

Most of the health issues your Cane Corso may experience are not necessarily related to bad dieting. For example, they easily bloat due to their deep chest. If this happens, rush your puppy to a vet because it is an emergency.

To combat bloating, it is critical to feed your huge fast-growing puppy small frequent meals instead of a large meal. Introduce a slow feed bowl to influence the puppy to reduce its quantity intake. Taking small boluses helps to reduce the possibility of gulping air during feeding.

Allergies are also a common phenomenon on Cane Corsi. The allergies increase the possibility of bacterial skin infections such as pyoderma. In such cases, check the food and consult a vet for more information. The vet will be able to identify the problem in the puppy’s diet. Eliminate the contents of the diet that triggers the allergies. Apart from corn and wheat, other common allergens include; beef; dairy products, fish, eggs, chicken, lamb, and soy. The problem is that these ingredients make up most of the foods today. It is difficult to avoid such ingredients. It means that if you own Cane Corsi, you will have a limited diet for them. Consult a vet for a prescription of variety of foods.


Cane Corso puppies are huge breeds so they need to eat large-breed puppy food. For the first three years, they exhibit quick continuous growth. Growing too fast is risky because of increased weight versus bone-strength ratios. The development of bones requires equally high amounts of calcium.

The amount you need to feed a young Cane Corso depends on; how active the puppy is, the weight, and age. Other determinants are; the type of food and overall health. Just like other animals, the puppies have varying metabolic rates. You need to be familiar with your pet. For example, average young Cane Corso puppies consume 20 calories per pound daily. Inactive huge puppies also consume equally as much to maintain their weight. Since the Cane Corso is rated a very active dog, you will need to increase the amount of calories.


When changing the contents of a diet, it is important to pay attention to the calories in the food. For example, if the puppy is used to four cups of normal one-dog food, maintaining the same amount means your dog will quickly gain weight beyond what he can sustain. As the owner, remember to check the label and note the amount of calories contained.

What to Consider when Choosing Foods

First, find foods rich in protein. Dogs need reliable sources of animal protein such as fish, poultry, eggs, and meat. You will notice the changes on their skin unless there is a serious complication.


Most of the dog foods today are rich in protein such as peas and lentils. Many commercial products have a lot of fillers, which mostly include corn. Since most Cane Corso dogs are allergic to the ingredient, they will experience discomfort. The products are also very dangerous and could raise the risk of cancer. The increased use of growth hormones in the commercial products makes them poorly nutritious. Feed your Cane Corsi puppies a special raw diet. Do not compromise the quality of the diet for the quantity of food only to put the puppy to danger.  More about raw feeding

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