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Cane corso raw feeding

How do you feed your cane corso dog?

American Pet Products Association found that in 2016 U.S. pet owners spent $62.75 billion on their furry friends. $23.05 billion was spent on food alone. And how much of that is gone on kibble? I think, most of it.


Raw food usually creates more problems than it solves. Dog food is formulated by scientists and veterinarians, not by people with no scientific, medical or nutritional experience. Raw food contains bacteria, and is not natural. Many of you is thinking this way, right?

Well this article is a guide how to do it another way. Direction about cane corso raw feeding.

Let’s see how kibble is producing. Most of pet food is cooked, with extrusion method. This extrusion produces a kibble and depending on food it contains 25 to 45 percent starch, which upon heating and the wather reducing undergoes dextrinization. Dextrinized starch makes kibble hard and crunchy.

Same process takes place in bakery, for getting fine and crisp products. Starch is digestible, but very low in nutritive value. Also, he has very bad influence on endocrine, seriously rising insulin level .Starch is supporting the bad digestive bacteria. Some of the signs are dermatitis and resistant gases.

The biggest marketing trick is grain free kibble food ,maybe product even don’t have grain in his content , must have starch because of shape and the way of production . And the gain are not that big problem as starch is.

We know that in the process of making hi cooking temperature destroys bacteria, but how cooking effects on ingredients .Cooking is reducing quality of food. It reduce amount of vitamins and minerals. Also cooking makes loosing natural enzymes and numerous useful bacteria which raw food contains.

#1 Bones ( Calcium )

Cane corso needs minerals, most important are Calcium and Phosphorus, especially in growing phase. Balance meal should have between 12 % and 15 % of bones.And the good sources are chicken wings, legs, necks, beef tail bones, lamb necks and ribs. Your Italian mastiff can be fed by whole small animals such as fish, rabbits and poultry. Whole raw eggs are excellent source of Calcium and Phosphorus also.

#2 Organs ( Vitamins )

Organs are the best source of vitamins. They should be included in menu from 10% to 30% , daily. If you are giving to your corso only liver, don’t go up of 10%. If you can mix all other organs, then feed them as a third of your cane corso diet. Best choice would be kidney, spleen, brain, lung, testicles and liver.

# 3 Muscles

Lean meat should be from 30% , if you using plenty organs, to 50%, of the complete cane corso menu if using less. Best sources are beef, bison, turkey, lamb, pork and chicken.

# 4 Fat

Fat contains twice the number of calories as protein, so you must be careful of amount. Recomended amount of fat per meal for your corso is 10% to 20 %. Cane corso need fat for his nerve and immune system, and is critical for skin health.

#5 Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegs are not necessary but it’s desirable because of: ,m


Chrolphyll - detoxifies his liver and digestive system,

Carotenoids - important antioxidants, found in yellow, orange and red colored fruits and vegetables,

Lycopene – another antioxidant, found in red vegetables,

Lutein - another antioxidant that’s known to protect the eyes, skin and heart,

Flavonoids - have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

#6 Starch-free

Starchy foods cause your Italian mastiff dog , continually produce a hormone called insulin. The sudden drops of insulin in the blood makes the dog constantly hungry and can lead to diabetes. Starch does not have any nutritional value for your Italian corso dog, but only adds calories to it and destroys healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.  

#7 Variety

Just like humans, dogs need a variety of wholesome foods to provide them with a wide range of nutrients.

It is good, and for large breeds like cane corso, crucially to add ingredients rich in chondroitin and glucosamine, in the form of chicken or turkey feet, beef and pork trachea.

Dog nutrition should not be strict and should be combined for a long period of time. This means that if you can not provide bones for today's meal, give them the next day or during the week. Sources of protein like muscles are the foundation, and besides them, it would be good to include organs on a daily basis.

#8 Fish

It would be good to give the fish 1-2 times a week, which should be about 5% of the total diet.

How much to feed your cane corso ?

 Some people feed 2 times a day, some once and some even skip the feeding one day per week. They do this to restore good bacteria that are found in the intestines of the dog and affect the immunity of the dog. On that day, they only give them bone and some fruit. This can be applied to adults cane corso dogs.

You should feed your corso about 2-3% of their ideal weight as adults. If the dog is more active, feed him more.

Cane corso puppies need more calories and they should also be fed 2-3% of their adult weight. In the age between 4-6 months, the amount of calcium in the form of additional bones should be increased.

Feel free to share to somebody needed this info,

Thank you for your attention.


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