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Why italian mastiff eat grass

Dogs are omnivores

Unlike cats, dogs are not total carnivores. Their diet was diverse for more than 10 thousand years of evolution. In the absence of meat, the dog’s menu was consisted of fruits, berries, and other plants, as alternative sources of energy. It is simple. If there is a lack of vegetables and plant fibers in their daily diet, dogs will eat grass because it is easily accessible.

If a dog has stomach issues, it will eat grass because it helps the dog clean the digestive system. Like humans, dogs can suffer from gastrointestinal problems, including cramps, stomach, nausea, and diseases from pathogenic microorganisms. If a dog eats grass, it doesn’t automatically mean that there are problems with digestion.  It means that it doesn’t have plant fibers in the diet.

Nutritional need

Whatever the reason is, most experts consider that eating the grass is completely harmless and even useful for a dog. The grass contains essential nutrients that may be missing in dogs’ everyday nutrition, such as fibers, minerals, and digestive enzymes. Take care that the dog does not eat grass treated with pesticides and herbicides. Toxic chemicals can be fatal to your pet and it is necessary to contact a veterinarian immediately. The safest thing is to plant your grass in a square pot that you can hold in the apartment or to let your dog on grass surfaces that you know are not sprayed. When you next time notice that your dog eats grass, relax and keep in mind that wolves and other wild animals related to dogs also eat grass and that this behavior of dogs is inborn and completely normal. An interesting study showed that puppies would more often eat grass if their mothers were eating grass during breastfeeding.

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Cane Corso training

Cane Corso training 27. Sep 2018.

Cane Corso Training

Cane Corso is among the most popular Italian dog breeds. It is considered as a protector. The dog is mostly used in guarding farmyards; intruders won’t dare crossing the fence with a Cane Corso watching.

Cane corso puppy growth care

Cane corso puppy growth care 18. Sep 2018.

Cane Corso Puppy Growth Care

Ancient Romans used the Cane Corso as guard dogs in war and hunting boar. Today, they are loving pets but require extra training at their young age to ensure they develop appropriate social skills. 

Cane Corso raw feeding Guide

Cane Corso raw feeding Guide 13. Sep 2018.

Cane Corso raw feeding Guide

The Cane Corso may be intimidating at first. As a large breed puppy, the Cane Corso puppies grow fast. They have an imposing appearance that makes them natural bodyguards. 

Is Cane corso right dog for you ?

Is Cane corso right dog for you ? 6. Sep 2018.

Is the Cane Corso right dog for you?

You maybe you are looking for a dog to keep either as an individual or as a family. You may want to keep it especially for security purposes. The Cane Corso puppy is a good idea I would recommend. This Italian breed is huge and it can be a good dog for company as well as guarding.

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