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Why do dogs love rolling in the grass?

Dogs sometimes like to take a walk through the park in order to rub their back in the grass. If you are wondering why- there are several answers. Rolling in the grass serves them as a shower. That’s one of the ways how they clean themselves from pitch or bird feces on their back. Because of its harshness, dogs use grass as their own comb, even for tearing bunches of hair. Of course, this does not mean that they do not need a common combing. Another reason why dogs like to roll in the grass is the smell. When he smells the scent that masks his own body smell, the dog will roll to that place in order to leave his own smell. It's an evolutionary habit of hunting. Rolling in the grass can also be used to remove unwanted scents from the hair, such as an unpleasant shampoo that irritates his skin. There is also a social role of dog’s rolling in the grass. Such behavior tells other members of the pack that their ‘friend’ has found something. In the end, all dogs love rolling because that makes them happy. A good and aromatic place for stretching and sunbathing is always interesting to them. The owner can easily notice how to evaluate why his pet rolls around and if he is doing it intensely, and not only in the grass but also in the house, he may have some parasite on his back. A relaxed dog that slowly turns from one side to the other is happy and satisfied.

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Cane Corso training

Cane Corso training 27. Sep 2018.

Cane Corso Training

Cane Corso is among the most popular Italian dog breeds. It is considered as a protector. The dog is mostly used in guarding farmyards; intruders won’t dare crossing the fence with a Cane Corso watching.

Cane corso puppy growth care

Cane corso puppy growth care 18. Sep 2018.

Cane Corso Puppy Growth Care

Ancient Romans used the Cane Corso as guard dogs in war and hunting boar. Today, they are loving pets but require extra training at their young age to ensure they develop appropriate social skills. 

Cane Corso raw feeding Guide

Cane Corso raw feeding Guide 13. Sep 2018.

Cane Corso raw feeding Guide

The Cane Corso may be intimidating at first. As a large breed puppy, the Cane Corso puppies grow fast. They have an imposing appearance that makes them natural bodyguards. 

Is Cane corso right dog for you ?

Is Cane corso right dog for you ? 6. Sep 2018.

Is the Cane Corso right dog for you?

You maybe you are looking for a dog to keep either as an individual or as a family. You may want to keep it especially for security purposes. The Cane Corso puppy is a good idea I would recommend. This Italian breed is huge and it can be a good dog for company as well as guarding.

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Common plats toxic to cats and dogs chart 21. May 2018.