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Is the Cane Corso the right choice for you?

Every future dog owner before choosing a perfect dog breed should make a fundamental research before deciding. Cane Corso dog breed has many interesting features that some people would like and the others wouldn’t. His beautiful appearance will attract everyone’s attention, but when we talk about his growing up and training, Cane Corso needs a strong leader who will give him a lot of attention. Maybe you’ve heard the following sentence many times, but Corso is not a dog for everyone. He is a highly active dog and acts very protective of his family, so if you are not an active type of a person it is better not to choose him.

Cane Corso needs consistent mental stimulation because he is an intelligent dog and needs a lot of exercises. Corsos are very loyal and protective and need to have an activity allthe time. They are not dogs that can stay alone at home, or in the yard while you’re at work.You can’t leave Cane Corso alone because it is a breed that likes always be with its owner. If you’re a sport and active type, Cane Corso is the right breed for you because they are very obedient and have a calm nature. These large and powerful dogs must be grown up under constant rules and guidance. We were able to be witnessed many times when gorgeous Corsos were brought to shelters because of their disobedience. Those things happen when they don’t get even basic training from their owners. So, if you want to keep a CC, be sure that it is the right choice for you and your family. CC is a family-only dog. That means they’re not interested in strangers andother animals outside the family. He will give a lot of love, protection, and loyalty only inside of his family. It’s very important to begin training and socializing a CC from a young age so they can get on well with other dogs and people and not to become dominant and aggressive.

Cane Corso’s Socialization

When we talk about Corso’s temperament and training, it’s needed to know that you must establish control and dominance at an early age. When you bring a new puppy into your home, you bring a new creature that needs to be shaped. If the puppy got born at your home, the process of inculcation is also very important. The process where the young one and the mother get to know each other by smell is called inculcation. After getting known with this process, the newborn puppy begins the process of socialization and later habituation.

Socialization and habituation are two procedures that are used with the puppies in order to learn and become accustomed to the presence of appropriate stimulants in their environment. The importance of these two processes is to prepare a puppy to live in the home of the owner. Cane Corso is a breed where these two processes are necessary and must be carried out since a young puppy to young dog's life so the dog doesn't get subconscious fears and bad behavior. The best period for shaping puppy’s behavior in terms of socialization and habituation is from the fifth week of life. Socialization is the process in which the dog needs to be learned how to recognize and act with members of its species (known and unknown dogs), owner, family members, visitors, guests and unknown persons. Social skills must be learned from the start because every dog needs to know how to react in each kind of situations. If the dog is properly socialized, he can recognize a danger or some unusual situation in which he or his family can get. When the dog has a contact with people and other dogs since the early age, in the adulthood won’t experience them as a potential prey.

Cane Corso and children

Cane Corso can closely bond to children. It goes well with them and behaves protectively because it is aware of their helplessness and innocence. They have a stable behavior and temperament. Children should behave well with CC’s because they have a long-term memory. Maybe we would like to see how children chase and grab a little CC puppy, but the truth is that a dog is not their toy and that those things can be really harmful to them. Playing with a puppy is always interesting for the children but the parents should set the limits both for the dog and their children. The dog should know that it’s normal for children to scream, run and play wild, but also the children should know that they can’t jump or stand over them. Cane Corso is a quiet dog that barks only when gets i

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Is the Cane Corso the right choice for you?

Is the Cane Corso the right choice for you? 17. Mar 2017.

You can’t get wrong if you choose this dog breed for a pet.They are one of the most non-aggressive dog breeds, they adore children and are extremely attached to their owner.


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One of the biggest health issues of large dog breeds is a hip dysplasia.  It is a multifactorial abnormal development of the coxofemoral jointand is characterized by joint laxity and subsequent degenerative joint disease. The main factors that influence the occurrence of hip dysplasia are excessive growth, nutrition, exercise and hereditary factors. Hip dysplasia occurs in the difference between hip joint muscle mass and rapid development of bones.  This health issue may later cause osteoporosis, thickened femoral neck, joint capsule fibrosis,acetabular bone sclerosis and subluxation or luxation of the femoral head. Normal hip is the mechanism that functions according to the "key - lock" kind of relationship that provides stability. The hip joint is an indispensable mechanism that allows the mobility and transfer of power to the muscles of the hind legs to the body. That is the basis of speed and power.