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Welcome to Maxima lux kennel! We are growing, very selective kennel focused on preserving recognizable cane corso type.

Every day entertainment from your gently gladiator. Italian mastiff has it all.

Cane corso is very social, smart, loyal, easy to train, courageous, fearless protector,great with your children and other family members. In fact they are our family members,and belive me, they will feel the best if you are treating them the same. Whatever you are looking for, companion, show,or working dog Maxima lux kennel trust that we have cane corso just for you. All our dogs are FCI registered. We are located in Belgrade, Serbia, Europe.

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One more champion !!!

One more champion !!!

We have one more champion in our kennel !!!


Export Jersey , UK

Export  Jersey , UK

I am glad to see our boy happy   in new , lovely home in Jersey , UK . I am very proud of him . Thank you Gareth for pictures,say hello to Swayze !

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potty training for a puppy

Here are some tips to potty train a pappy

Puppy training

29. Mar 2017.

Puppy training

When is the right time for training puppies?

Bringing a new puppy into the home is challenging for every dog owner. Each dog needs routine and rules for growing up right. They should be learned by good behavior and obedience from the beginning, and the new owner shouldn’t be worried by unnecessary details like finding the right accessories, puppy treats, or bed.  Puppies need nutritious food and a safe, warm place to live, and a strong leader at the same time. If you give them enough attention and teach them commands, you can be sure that your dog will learn all needed daily routines.

Natural tick repellents

22. Mar 2017.

Natural tick repellents

Natural tick repellents

Adding some essential oil may help to keep the ticks from climbing on your dog while you are outside.Spray the essential oil directly or even better on some rag and rub it on your dog skin.It also works for mosquitoes and black flies. 

Here are 5 essential oils that repel bugs :

Is the Cane Corso the right choice for you?

You can’t get wrong if you choose this dog breed for a pet.They are one of the most non-aggressive dog breeds, they adore children and are extremely attached to their owner.


Common Cane Corso’s Health Issues

Hip Dysplasia

One of the biggest health issues of large dog breeds is a hip dysplasia.  It is a multifactorial abnormal development of the coxofemoral jointand is characterized by joint laxity and subsequent degenerative joint disease. The main factors that influence the occurrence of hip dysplasia are excessive growth, nutrition, exercise and hereditary factors. Hip dysplasia occurs in the difference between hip joint muscle mass and rapid development of bones.  This health issue may later cause osteoporosis, thickened femoral neck, joint capsule fibrosis,acetabular bone sclerosis and subluxation or luxation of the femoral head. Normal hip is the mechanism that functions according to the "key - lock" kind of relationship that provides stability. The hip joint is an indispensable mechanism that allows the mobility and transfer of power to the muscles of the hind legs to the body. That is the basis of speed and power.


cane corso origin

29. Nov 2016.

cane corso origin

This is a classic Italian bulldogge/mastiff, descended from the old Roman Molossers, closely associated with the southern Puglia region and related to the Neapolitan, as well as the Sicilian breeds, with which it has traditionally been classified together under the Cane da Presa name...

Dog eating poop

13. Nov 2016.

Dog eating poop

Did you or someone you know had ever problem with nasty habit of your pet. Maxima lux kennel shares with you great text on that subject.


14. Oct 2016.


If you are happy one to have a Cane Corso as your family member,you must realize that one of the main reason people take them to shelters or rescue organizations is their behavior.It is not because Cane corso is harder to train then some other breeds...


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