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Welcome to Maxima lux kennel! 

Our love for Cane Corso has been born 10 years ago when after a long research, informing and contacting various breeders we decided to buy our first female called Jamaica. Since then, the love for this breed became stronger day by day. Guided by my own different information and experience in Cane Corso breeding, I decided to share the philosophy of my kennel with you. There are three main facts in breeding our Italian mastiff:

  1. Health
  2. Character
  3. Appearance

When we talk about health, we perform numerous tests, especially x-rays of hips and elbows. Our Cane Corso dogs eat the best quality food and we try to make them more active, whether we talk about the training or socialization (everyday life). Besides all other things, socialization mostly affects the character of the Italian Mastiff, and it must be started in puppies early age (from the 6th week of life). Interaction of pups and adult dogs with our children is of crucial importance to us, and we constantly strive to involve them in each other’s daily activities. A well-socialized and character-stable dog can easily get involved in any training, whether we talk about exhibitions or work. The genes of our Cane Corso are based on the genes of Old Italian lines (rustic lines), although sometimes we love to involve some other ‘exotic’ blood line.  We carefully select individuals of great health, good character and quality blood lines for mating and all these things together affect on the high quality of our pups.  Our Italian mastiff is a protective athlete of a big heart and it’s always there for his family.

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New Champion of Bulgaria

New Champion of Bulgaria

New champion of Bulgaria !

Afra Maxima Lux Spunk Gang

16.02.2018. CACIB Plovdiv

Judge Plamen Cholakov (BG) V1,CAC, R.CACIB

17.02.2018. CACIB Plovdiv

Judge Peter Kujumdjijev (BG) V1,CAC,R.CACIB

And now new Champion Bulgaria !!!


Export Florida,USA

Export Florida,USA

Our special boy Castro Maxima lux living now in Fl,USA with a great family totally dedicated to a breed.You're in excellent hands , baby boy . I wish you all , great life together !

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Cane Corso BLOG

Cane corso color

19. Mar 2018.

Cane corso color

Cane corso  color

Comments on the standard by Antonio Morsiani and Stefano Gandolfi...


Why do dogs love rolling in the grass?

Why do dogs love rolling in the grass?

There are several theories about why dogs like rolling in the grass...

Physical activity for cane corso puppy

Physical activity for cane corso puppy

Text about cane corso puppy physical activity ...

How to choose the right cane corso puppy


We often find ourselves wondering, whether we are buyers or breeders what puppy to choose from the litter.  All written books about dogs generally advice us first to study basic information about the breed and to bring an experienced person when choosing. Well, we have solved only a part of the problem by using the method above. 

Cane corso weight chart

12. Jan 2018.

Cane corso weight chart

Weight chart

Healthiest Foods for your dog

 If you  want to share some table food with your pet, it’s important to know which foods are the best to give your dog.Many of the foods people eat are safe for  your dog .Some are even healthy additions to their  immunity, stronger joints, and even fresher breath. 


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